About Us

On August 27th, 2016 nine people responded to a call from God - a call to create a life giving church in Louisa, KY. On that day, The Table was formed in the hearts of those nine people and on June 11th, 2017 The Table was formally launched in downtown Louisa!

The Table is.

  • A place that is super-focused on relationships - because we know that God is all about relationships too.
  • A place where the message & the atmosphere are relevant for today. We believe in heaven & hell, but we believe that today is the most important day of all.
  • A place that loves people right where they are at - regardless of beliefs & behaviors - just like God does for us... A place where you can be real.
  • A place that cares less about what you wear to church and more about you discovering your destiny.
  • A place that is focused on God's goodness and the radical transformation that occurs once an individual, a family, and a community encounters it.
  • A place where people who are unchurched, dechurched, “just plain tired of churched”, and people who have been to church their whole lives feel welcome to attend.
  • A place where anyone can feel comfortable pulling up a seat to Father's Table.
  • And did we mention coffee? We have great coffee... probably the best coffee ever...

And we are ready to go for it with all that we have,
because that's exactly what Jesus did for us.