Sharing God’s goodness to transform our world


Tim and Lelia Robinson have been on the journey with God together for ten years now. Many experiences and faith walks of birthing different businesses and ministries has led them to trust God more and more. They are certain that their best life is serving and walking with God. Tim enjoys collecting baseball cards and sports memorabilia, Major League Baseball, Lego builds with his boys, playing Rook and watching English period dramas with his wife. Lelia enjoys hospitality, hosting, the visual artistic world and most importantly being a mother and wife. She is currently learning about mosaics and acrylic painting and finds her greatest inspiration in nature. They love exploring the possibilities and future growth of the businesses and ministries that God has entrusted to them as they are blessed to get to walk alongside so many amazing people. God blessed them with two boys, Russ and Kent, who with their parents enjoy Dodger baseball, peddler malls, being outdoors, traveling, and hosting their family and friends. They love the intimacy, transparency and realness at The Table and how it is revealing the goodness of God in their community and region. Their family getting to participate at The Table is one of the greatest blessings in their life.